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Marketing Tips

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5 Easy Ways to Attract Attention:

#1 Advertising
Reminds clients and visitors of your product/service and directs them to your exhibit.

#2 Sponsorships
Makes your company name stand out from the rest.

#3 On-line Sponsorships
Generates pre-show and post-show leads and year-round visibility.

#4 VIP Invitations*
Provides easy registration for your customers and prospects free of charge.

#5 Pre-show mailings
Increases your booth traffic and attracts your target market.

Free Marketing!

Here are some ideas to get more buyers to your booth:

  • Have us invite your best clients and top prospects to the show.
    We'll call your top customers and invite them on behalf of your company! Contact our marketing department at for more details.
  • Distibute your VIP invitations at your office or on sales calls, mail with you promotial materials, or include in your monthly invoices, purchase orders and sales faxes.
  • Promote your show participation on your website and link to
  • Email a show announcement or invitation to your customer e-mail list.

For more information contact us at
10 Ways to Get the Most of Your Trade Show Investment:

#1 Establish Goals
Stay focused. What's your primary reason for exhibiting? Do you want to…

  • Build awareness of your company or product?
  • Introduce a new product or explain a new technology?
  • Sell products at the show?
  • Generate qualified leads for future follow-up?
  • Meet with customers and end-users?

Set measurable goals and milestones. For example:

  • Get 100 qualified leads, 25 of which are looking to buy your product/service in the next three months.
  • Meet with five decision-makers from your top prospect list and show them your new products.

#2 Design Your Booth
You only have 4-6 seconds to attract a visitor to your booth. Here are some tips to keep in mind when setting up your booth.

  • Don't block the way to your booth. Tabletops displayed at an angle or off to the side allow easy access to your products.
  • Keep your message clear. Choose a few powerful words about your company and its products.
  • Use appealing graphics and large pictures.

#3 Prepare Promotional Literature
Prepare an inexpensive collateral piece for mass distribution from your booth. When you return to your office at the close of the show, follow up with you new sales leads by sending out your primary literature. This way your materials will be delivered to your prospect and they will have time to review them properly.

#4 Advertise
Advertising year-round gets results. A consistent advertising campaign, reinforcing your trade show promotions, will help you reach the visitors that attend the show. Look for tips on how to create effective ads in your exhibitor manual.

#5 Train Your Exhibit Staff
Meet with your sales staff regularly before the show. Build momentum and excitement by offering incentive programs specifically for each day of the show.

As a team you need to develop:

  • A system to track qualified leads.
  • Booth meeting schedule to ensure at least one representative is always available for questions.
  • Convenient meeting time each day to review goals and celebrate new business.
  • Procedure for prompt post-show follow-up calls.

#6 Capture Leads
Since you will be meeting a large number of prospects during the three days of the show, you need to make sure you have a system of capturing leads.

It's risky business relying on your booth personnel to follow up on a pocketful of business cards. A better approach is to rent a lead retrieval machine. These machines allow you to easily obtain all the information you need - name, company, address, phone number, and fax. You can find information on lead retrieval machines in the "Other Services" section of your Exhibitor Manual.

#7 Write Press Releases
Write effective press releases announcing your new products, technologies and corporate achievements. Editors are always looking for breaking news and the latest technology. This is FREE PUBLICITY increases your company's visibility and generates interest in your product and service.

Look for the FREE Press Labels form in your Exhibitor Services Manual.

#8 List a New Product in the Show Buyer's Guide for FREE
Buyers at the show are seeking new products and services. Highlight your new product for FREE in a designated section of the Show Buyer's Guide.

Look for the New Product Listing form in your Exhibitor Services Manual.

#9 Reserve a Meeting Room
Consider reserving a room for:

  • Meeting privately with your customers or new prospects.
  • Inviting visitors to an informational presentation.
  • Holding a press conference.
  • Conducting a Board meeting at the show.
  • Organizing a breakfast, luncheon or reception.

Look for the Meeting Room Reservation form in your Exhibitor Services Manual.

#10 Continue selling after the show
Turn your leads into sales!

Following up on your leads is the most crucial element of exhibiting in a trade show. Your prompt delivery of requested information could make all the difference when turning leads into actual sales. Be sure to follow up with a personal phone call within 3-4 days after the show while the information is still fresh in their minds.

Send Post Show Press Releases
Follow up with the press by sending out post-show press releases covering new products introduced at the show. Don't forget to include photographs of your product and demonstrations in action.

Post Show Mailing
As an exhibitor at the show you have the opportunity to rent our visitor registration list or our WorkBoat professionals list and catch those prospects you may have missed at the show. List is available six weeks after the show.

Look for the List Rental Order form in your Exhibitor Services Manual.


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